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We evaluate and analyse your full risk profile and then structure an insurance plan that covers your risk needs. We closely manage the application process with the Insurance Company to make sure you get the best value for money.


We maintain your policy, keeping it affordable and updated to your risk needs. With a yearly review you will have a good idea of what cover you have in place and we will increase or reduce cover as your circumstances change.


All Swift clients receive expert claims support, that will assist you through to a successful outcome. We are your advocate and experts in insurance and we promise to pursue all possible avenues to make sure your claim is paid.

Life Insurance


There are many costs associated with the tragic loss of a loved one; funeral expenses, on-going mortgage repayments, lost income to the family, legal bills tied to the estate settlement, the list goes on. We can help find the best risk solution for you and your family.


From major surgery to GP visits, medical insurance can cover the basics to comprehensive health cover; there is a product to suit all family budgets.

Mortgage / Income

Even more financially devastating is the long term disablement of a loved one. They may now require full-time care, home help, new bathroom facilities perhaps even a full house modification – all of this on top of losing a source of income for the family. Let us protect your income.

General Insurance


Working with Tower we have - Maxi Protection®, it is our most popular type of house insurance.

It provides broad cover to protect one of your most valuable assets, and has a range of optional benefits you can choose from.


Our contents insurance gives you flexible options for protecting your belongings, including household goods and personal items. If you’re renting, it also provides you with tenants’ liability to cover any accidental damage that you or your guests cause to the property.

You can choose the policy, optional special benefits and level of cover that best suit your needs and budget. With either policy your possessions are covered anywhere in New Zealand.


Our car insurance covers you for damage to your vehicle caused by an accident or fire, or if your vehicle is stolen. You are also covered for your legal liability as a result of accidents involving your vehicle. This policy offers broad protection that you can personalise to your needs. We also offer Third Party Plus Protection. This is a more economical option that covers you for accidental damage to your vehicle if it is damaged by fire, theft or illegal conversion. It also provides third party cover.

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How We Are Different

  • Insuring Kiwis is our business. We go out of our way to make our offerings more flexible and our service more genuine.

  • We hope you never have to make a claim, you’ll be comforted to know we are with you every step of the way.

  • We’ll support you to get back on your feet if you can’t work due to sickness or injury.

Our Promise To You

  • We promise to listen and identify your individual needs.

  • Recommend the most appropriate Insurer to match your insurance needs.

  • Arrange reviews of your policy and ensure that you are kept up to date on your coverage.

  • Ensure that your claim is handled promptly and efficiently by the insurer.

Our Insurance Partners

We have great working relationships with the following Insurance providers to get the best suitable insurance policy for you.

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Borrow - Loan Company Website Template