Another success story of a first home buyer – Newshub

24th January, 2024

In 2024, Newshub features yet another success story. If you’re venturing into homeownership, having a Swift Mortgage adviser by your side is key. Their expertise makes the complex process smoother, securing the keys to your dream home with confidence. A special thanks to Komal Karishma Goundar for sharing her journey with Swift.

Official Cash Rate remains steady – but what does it mean for Kiwis? – Newshub

29th February, 2024

The Reserve Bank has held the Official Cash Rate at 5.5 percent for the fifth time in a row – and while many homeowners will be relieved it didn’t go up, there’s still no sign the OCR will come down any time soon. Zane Small reports featuring story of Ramiz Mubarak, advised and assisted by Swift Mortgages negotiate a better interest rate to refix his loan.

Why use a SWIFT Adviser?

Using our services helps cut out the hassle of contacting multiple lenders on your own.
Our team at Swift Mortgages are ready to help you identify and obtain the financing solution that’s best for you.

We work smarter and harder everyday to help empower our clients shape up their financial plans and goals to achieve their dreams.

Don’t just take our word for it. Hear it from our valued clients. Watch this short video to know all about how a journey of this client started from our consultation to getting into their second home within their 4 years with SWIFT Mortgages Ltd.


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matt simmatt sim
07:10 03 Apr 24
My encounter with Swift Mortgages was nothing short of outstanding! Meysum's professionalism and unwavering assistance throughout the process were truly remarkable. He kept me informed and executed tasks promptly, streamlining the entire experience. I wholeheartedly endorse Swift Mortgages for their unparalleled service. They undoubtedly set the standard for excellence!
sushil chandsushil chand
00:10 02 Apr 24
What an amazing experience dealing with Swift Mortgages. Izaz was very professional and very helpful during the whole process. He kept us informed and act promptly. He made the whole process so easy.We strongly recommend Swift Mortgages they are the best.
Dipendra TuladharDipendra Tuladhar
03:31 19 Mar 24
We stumbled upon swift with a reference from a family friend.We were lucky to have Joyce as our Advisor on achieving the goal of our lives. Swift (Joyce) was there for us through out our process until and also after shifting to our First home, guiding and providing with the information and knowledge which we needed to make the best of decisions that would suit our need.I highly recommend choosing Swift for all of the service they provide.
Monisha PrasadMonisha Prasad
00:32 19 Mar 24
Swift Mortgage are exactly what we needed. I would 100% recommend to anyone who wants that peace of mind, reassurance and confidence in the buying first home . We are grateful we found IZAZ and will seek to use only him again in the future. We highly recommended him, He is highly professional, prompt, efficient and clear with communication.Responds quickly, understands the requests, communicates well and gets the job done under pressure... He knows what he is doing and does it in a timely manner.Thank you so much IZAZ Bhai for making our dream come true
Zureen TahirZureen Tahir
05:33 18 Mar 24
Very happy. We are off shore, and Izaz got onto our refix along with getting us better rates then what ASB offered online.Highly recommend
Ma Marita EndayaMa Marita Endaya
22:27 17 Mar 24
My family and I are very pleased with Joyce Ram as we experienced 101% of her support in every step our first home loan journey and timely release of our bank finance. Joyce is super reliable; truly exceeded our expectations. Highly recommended!! 👍👍👍
Shaleshni DeoShaleshni Deo
02:45 14 Mar 24
Hi Ranjana, Thank you so much for the tremendous support and assistance you provided last year; it meant a lot to us. I apologize for not being able to express our gratitude in person due to the busyness of last year. We're truly grateful for the lovely house we purchased with all your guidance and support. We're now comfortably settled and in the process of turning it into a true home, although that journey may take some time. Once again, thank you sincerely for all that you've done for us.From: Shaleshni and Avinesh
Len MoodleyLen Moodley
03:30 20 Feb 24
I had a very pleasant experience with Swift mortgages. The team is very well experienced and professional. Izaz assisted me with my mortgage and several other things over the past 2 years and his service was excellent. His attention to detail, knowledge and experience truly assisted me in making great decisions. I highly recommend this company. So glad I was referred to them. They are a one stop shop for my financial wellbeing.
Devita SamiDevita Sami
19:57 28 Nov 23
Our heartfelt gratitude to Joyce Ram who provided an exceptionally outstanding advice and support all throughout our journey to make this possible in buying our first dream home. Thanks Joyce, you were amazing, accommodating and very responsive to all our little concerns and questions. You made us realise that it is not difficult to become home owners and getting loan is not that hard. We know you went above and beyond to assist us find the best home and get our home loan approved. You are always welcome home and I would recommend Swift mortgage company for its best customer service to whoever wants to buy their dream home. Again thank you for your tremendous support and service Joyce.

Build Your Nest With Us

At SWIFT, we say we are different from the rest.

After the settlement of every home loan, our Director, Izaz Hussein (a.k.a Mr. Swift), handpicks a lemon tree and visits the clients home with the entire SWIFT Team.

We plant the trees as a symbol of the journey that we will continue to have with our clients. As the tree grows, our relationship also grows, and when the tree bears fruit its a symbol of our success.

From this fruit, many more trees can be planted, so in our way a tree provides a nest for our SWIFT bird and stands as a reminder that we will always be there for our clients.

Lemon Trees Planted

Swift Values

We empower our customers to grow in every aspect of their financial lives. Our community-driven culture and ongoing commitment to superior service and innovative connectivity will expand our relationships for generations to come.


Upholding integrity means maintaining honesty, transparency, and ethical behaviour in all aspects of business operations. This includes being accountable for one's actions, keeping promises, and treating everyone with fairness and respect.

Teamwork and Collaboration

Promoting a collaborative work environment where individuals work together towards shared goals. Valuing diverse perspectives, fostering effective communication, and encouraging cooperation and mutual support among team members.


Taking responsibility for one's actions, decisions, and outcomes. Holding oneself and others accountable for meeting objectives and delivering results. This value promotes a culture of ownership and empowers employees to take initiative and deliver their best work.


Embracing change and being flexible in response to evolving market conditions and customer needs. Being open to new ideas, embracing innovation, and continuously learning and growing as a company.

With Swift, you have more banks to choose from!

With Swift, you have more banks to choose from!

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